US District Court Eastern District of Tennessee denies Temporary Restraining Order

We’ve got some bad news and some good news.

On Wednesday, Chattanooga Federal Judge Travis R. McDonough denied our motion for a temporary restraining order in a 30 page decision. The Judge essentially said that pausing or stopping the SBA’s Restaurant Revitilization Fund would not be in the public’s best interest as much needed funds are being distributed. Never mind that they’re being distributed based on race and’s the good news.

A Federal Judge in Texas, on Wednesday, granted a restraining order for a similar lawsuit brought on by another restaurant owner. Greer’s Ranch Cafe in Stephenville, TX sued the SBA on the same grounds as us, and they won. They have more hearings coming up in the near future, so we’ll keep watch and keep updating.

More good news: The Wisconsin Institute For Law and Liberty, Tony’s lawyers, plans on appealing the Chattanooga judge‘s ruling this week in the 6th Circuit Court of Appeals, where they think the case will be overturned.

The full ruling is attached.


Read the decision here:

Dkt. 24 05-19-21 - Memorandum Opinion
Download PD • 363KB

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