Jake’s Response to SBA Rescinding Lawsuits

In recent days we’ve come to understand that the SBA has rescinded the applications of thousands of RRF applicants that were originally promised funds. While this is disheartening, this is the fault of the SBA.

While we, of course, feel bad for those who were dangled funds like carrots and then had it taken away, the blame resides with the SBA. The SBA should never have implemented racist, unconstitutional policies like the 21 day “Priority Period” in the first place.

Jake’s did not receive any PPP funds, and had over a $100k loss in sales from 2019 and 2020. We have been severely impacted from COVID and are still feeling the hurt causes by the US government as evident by our lack of staff. For those upset with us over the rescinded applications, all we can say is this is the SBA intentionally trying to place blame on us to create division and hinder people like us from suing in the future.

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